TABU (preview)

by Christine Ott

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1. First Chapter - Paradise
2. Reri
3. Consolation
4. Course Vers La Mer
5. Hitu, La Grande Montagne
6. Sorrow / Lover's Dance
7. The Warning
8. Paradise Lost
9. Oriental Dance
10. Mandat d'Arrêt / La Perle
11. Hitu's Appearance
12. Cursed Lagoon
13. Hitu's Shadow
14. Le Sourire de Matahi / Consolation (Variation I)
15. Comptoir Chinois
16. Consolation (Variation II)
17. Rêve & Perle Noire
18. Tempête / The Tabu



Released on limited edition CD and digital on December 16th 2016 as part of Gizeh's 'Dark Peak' Series.

Limited edition of 175. Housed in a double-panel, lino printed card sleeve with two card inserts. Recycled card used throughout and placed in an eco-friendly outer plastic bag. Each item is individually printed, cut, assembled, numbered and packaged at Gizeh HQ.

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Just a few months after the release of​ ​her highly acclaimed album, Only Silence Remains, Christine ​Ott proposed a new album to Gizeh Records for​ ​its Dark Peak Series of releases. Tabu is an original, live soundtrack, composed in 2012 for the movie ​of the same name​ by F.W. Murnau and Robert Flaherty and a performance that she's playing regularly as a ciné-concert​ ​throughout France and Europe.

The magic, the beauty and the incredible light of the movie associated to its astonishing modernity have contributed to the choice of the composer. Christine​ ​has been shattered and very moved by the movie, the story of an impossible love​ ​on Bora-Bora island, between Matahi, a young pearl diver, and Reri, a young woman promised to the gods. The circumstances of the death of Murnau,​ ​prematurely died in a car accident before the film premiere, emphasizes the mystery around this movie. More than a ciné-concert, Ott's creation is a black pearl, as​ ​is​ ​Murnau's ultimate movie.

Ott's creation alternates avant-garde tracks with Ondes martenot and modern-classic piano pieces, sometimes light and delicate, sometimes dark and fune​real​. This cinematographic journey is ending ​with​ the original version of Tempête, composed for the last scene of the movie, a stunning piece ​that Ott​ re-worked​ for Only Silence Remains.

With Tabu, Christine Ott ​combines her passion for​ images and cinema to musical composition, ​creating ​new sound territories along the way​. After lots of experiments down​ different paths, and collaborations with the likes of Yann Tiersen, Radiohead, Tindersticks, Syd Matters and​ Foudre!, Ott here releases her taste for a kind of
min​imalistic​ chamber music.

"Christine Ott is​ giving us,​ with this new album,​ her first inspiration to the screen -​​ spontaneous and sometimes fragile. T​here is indeed a secret link which joins together Reri, daughter of the water, to Christine, sister of the Ondes Martenot.​ ​In these pure moments when Ott’s piano becomes a waterfall, a river, an ocean. In these heartbreaking moments when the composer, without ever over-playing manages to simply ​let go, thanks to a very mysterious and fascinating instrument,​ the tears that the audience may not always dare to have​".​ [Thierry Méranger, Les Cahiers du Cinéma]


released December 16, 2016

All tracks composed & performed by Christine Ott
with Torsten Böttcher on 2, 6 & 9

The live soundtrack "Tabu, a story of the south seas",
created in 2012 on the movie by F.W. Murnau & Robert Flaherty

Christine Ott : Piano, Ondes Martenot, Percussions
Torsten Böttcher : Hang

Recorded and mixed by Nicolas Desvernois
Additionnal mixing by Benoît Burger
Edited by Tim Hay

CD artwork, design and packaging by Richard Knox & Claire Brentnall



all rights reserved


Christine Ott Strasbourg, France

Ondes Martenot, Piano and more...

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